Sergei A. Polozov. MADE IN USA (Americans and American Life Through Russian
                                            Moscow, EKSMO/Algoritm, 2003, 416 pp. ISBN: 5-699-02361-5
                                                                              To Russians and Americans

  In everything written below – there are no politics...  It is simply a story about
American life, which I became a part of most unexpectedly, even to myself.  I’m
going on the hopes that if relations between Russia and the States someday
permanently improve, and Russians show sincere, well-intentioned interest towards
Americans, then, perhaps, what’s written here will be useful.  If it goes the other
way, maybe this book will at least help somebody better prepare for yet another
cold war or something of the sort, presented to us by the movers and shakers as
dire necessity.
  But essentially, a conversation about America is, of course, also a reason to
examine ourselves, Russians, in somewhat of a different light.
Sergei Polozov
"... I even think about presenting
this book to several of my
colleagues who, after having
lived in America for ten years,
did not grasp how American
society works..."
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