Sergei Polozov. FASCIATUS (Bonelli's Eagle and Others). Documenting an Ornithological Tale...
Moscow, Armada-press, 2001, 480 pp. ISBN:5-309-00212-X
The author was planning to write about Bonelli’s Eagle,
but it turned out about Love, Oak Bark Decoction,
Communism, Epilasia mirabilis, UFO, Gripsack, War in
Afghanistan, Helicopters in Canada, Coconuts in India,
Battery for Kamikaze, Edimnovo, Balashiha, Tarusa,
“Old” Russians, AB Station, Wolf Snake, Life and
Death, Parts of the Whole, about Kings and Cabbage…
It’s not the author’s fault.  It just so happened…
S. Polozov

P.S. This text (narrative nonfiction) has been written in
accordance to tradition of an ancient Eastern “Frame
Novel": core plot – a “Frame” (numbered parts about
the search for the illusive eagle in 1982-1986 in
Turkmenistan) is framing the "Picture" that is the book
(chapters with their individual titles, covering events of
1960-2000 in Russia, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan,
India, and Canada).
1-st Edition, 2001
2-d (Internet-) Edition, 2004
“I read your book from cover to
cover in one sitting.  It is a
wonderful book about self and
our time.  It seemed as if I had
been talking with a close friend..."
© Sergei A. Polozov, 2001-2016
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